#11 summer summit 2018

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After being slightly frustrated by putting metal handles on teapots, I took a long break wandering through a wet garden center, a friend's garden, and my own irregular rows. I needed distance on my efforts, so I enjoyed assessing the ways our gardens have taken off, investigating what the deer have been eating, and enjoying the unplanted surprises like the volunteer squash.

11 summer 2018.jpg
Brian Eno in describing his process of making music says:
One is making a kind of music in the way that one might make a garden. One is carefully constructing seeds, or finding seeds, carefully planting them and then letting them have their life. And that life isn't necessarily exactly what you'd envisaged for them. It's characteristic of the kind of work that I do that I'm really not aware of how the final result is going to look or sound. So in fact, I'm deliberately constructing systems that will put me in the same position as any other member of the audience. I want to be surprised by it as well. And indeed, I often am.

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