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Promethazine with codeine prescription is required by the codeine prescription drug monitoring registry, and should also be reported to the appropriate law enforcement or health-care provider if it involves use of codeine within the next 30 days to determine the use of an illicit drug under the Controlled Substances Act. On December 1st the BBC World Service will broadcast the debate between two leading anti-feminists; Germaine Greer and Greer, along with the co-authors of book, 'The Vagina Monologues,' and the hosts of This Week With George Stephanopoulos. The panel's inclusion will be a big step forward for the Women's Human Rights Campaign (WHRC), as no other British public broadcaster is hosting an exclusive debate that addresses one of the most important pressing global issues of the day, and will not be the last. The idea for panel — which will be moderated by George Stephanopoulos and Ruth Sherlock from the WSWS, along with Gloria Steinem and Mandy Smith, featuring a variety of prominent anti-feminists — came after WSWS Executive Director, Cara Santa Maria, reached out to a number of prominent feminist activists. They are known for their public condemnations of 'patriarchy' and for their fierce criticism of 'male privilege' and men's sexual assault, both in the media and public life. Among those on the panel are: Ginger Colvin Professor of sociology, University the West Scotland and Founder & Director, Womens Research Centre, University of Cambridge Fawzi Qasim Author and Women's Rights Activist, of "The Case For Women": Feminism in Political Thought and Activism Gloria Steinem Women's Rights Activist, Author and Advocate, Founder of the Gloria Steinem Institute and founder of its flagship 'Women in the World Conference' Mandy Smith Founder of the 'Feminist Media Fellowship', co-editor of 'Nasty Feminist' and feminist social critic Nicky Stone National Secretary of the Women's Campaign, Former Member of Parliament The Promethazine 25mg $62.94 - $0.7 Per pill WSWS has been global voice for women's emancipation since its inception in 1976, and has supported key feminist issues like divorce equality, abortion rights, the global campaign for pay parity, women's rights at work and Ventolin online bestellen in education, access to credit, and many others since the dawn of western feminism. The Women's International Democratic Conference (WIDC) will be held on the same date in UK as the Men's Europe-wide conference in London. The WSWS works to support feminist ideas in academia, media, business, trade unions, government and beyond, to advance women's rights by challenging inequalities, seeking justice and promoting peace. It fights for full freedom and equality women girls everywhere. WSWS is involved in more than 50 countries and it is.

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Our kitchen at Château-Noir

At the age of twenty I was in art school studying painting in Aix en Provence, France. I was enthralled by the landscape. I yearned to express the vivid color and contrasts I gleaned from the landscape in my pottery, but I had no idea as to how to represent the power and allusion to life found in Nature. Was it through some form of abstraction of shape, movement and touch or should it be through decoration and color?

I clearly remember a specific dinner at the Chateau Noir--at one time Cezanne’s studio and the subject of many paintings, now divided into apartments--at a big round table with a group of friends. We used a smattering of my pottery off of which we ate, drank, and served. We got involved in conversation about art and landscape and the use of color to define form and my mind drifted off, focused upon the table setting. My dream was to make an evocative setting of plates, some cups and a teapot to nourish my friends and to fill the table with pottery. Nineteen years later [1997], having achieved the technical ability, I am still exploring this aesthetic desire.

Mont Sainte-Victoire

Prior to my experience in France I had been aware of the paintings of Cezanne. I found that the watercolors spoke to me more than the oil paintings and I saw his place in art history as a precursor to abstract painting. From my first night in Aix when I drove with a friend out the route du Tholenet and saw the view of Mont Sainte-Victoire my perception of Cezanne changed. To compare the motifs actually used by an artist such as Cezanne to his paintings reminds the viewer of the choices, the quality of the gaze and the combinations that were employed. As the viewer gains an understanding of the purpose and vision of Cezanne, one perceives both how truthful and what variations from nature were chosen.

Underglaze Karatsu (Japan) Plate, early 17th C
with pine tree and plum designs
h 1.5" x w 7"
Tanakamaru Collection

I was struck in a similar way by iron brush painting on Karatsu plates. Before visiting Karatsu, Japan, I thought the representation of the pine trees seemed invented and strange. But on visiting there and seeing similar trees I gained a deeper understanding of the vision of these potters and how their brushwork was truthful yet at the same time distilled. These trees, as drawn, are a record of a specific time and place--neither a mere figment of imagination nor a habit of perceiving and representing.

The tea men of fifteenth century Japan knew how to read the landscape--both in nature and in the shading of ink painting as well as in the abstraction of glazes and shapes in pottery. Some pottery was seen as raw and sullen, barely touched with color while others are as spirited as a spring day. Stained and cracked slip and glaze was interpreted as a map showing a piece’s history of use.

Korean Bowl

As I adapt their insights and knowledge into the language of pottery, I seek not only a visual and tactile tension but also an emotional one. While ideas or inspirations can be derived from historical work, they are always implemented through my own available materials and a consciously limited choice of palette filtered through my artistic intuition, resulting in a modern expression of my local landscape. With a lack of artifice I aim to distill simplicity from complexity. The goal is to appeal to the senses with the same variety, directness, and power that one finds in nature.

In late ninth century China the poet Xu Yin was inspired by pottery and he drew contrasts among the varieties of Celadon--some fresh and youthful, others far more weathered: some greens evoke feelings of the tenderness of new growth and the renewal of life and youth, while other greens remind us of ancient lichens, clinging to rock, yet ever growing.

Chinese Celadon

In the same way I seek poetic combinations in my pottery by weaving together all the available elements of the process, for example, the choice of clay, throwing or forming, finishing, how slip is applied, thick or thin glaze and choice of firing. Each aspect of the process represents many choices and many opportunities for expression. How they are all balanced and employed creates infinite combinations, some perhaps, which may impart a sense of age and roughness or may express grace and youth. The allusions of pottery serve to enhance and deepen the user’s experience.

Storage Jar, 15th C Shigaraki, Japan
h 18" w 16"

In my studio I aim to find indigenous interpretations of the spirit found in the Virginia landscape. A great number of aesthetic choices are made in creating shapes and decoration. Yet I feel I must bridge the particular and emotional attachment I have of this specific time and place with a broad enough conception so as to capture something elemental. I photograph, draw, paint, and collage in the search to find an appropriate means of simplification and representation without stooping to create a literal imitation of my landscape.

Landscape Vista Plate, 19