anatomy lesson

Two weeks ago I fractured my tibia while walking two dogs. One of the dogs had run off on the scent of something and when I called him back he came running full tilt and ran directly into my knee. The collision knocked me down and I knew that I could not walk. I told the dogs to get my husband, but they had not seen enough Lassie episodes to understand. They licked my face. I scooted on my butt closer to the house until he could hear my calls for help. A trip to the emergency room refreshed my understanding of anatomy. The tibia is the big bone in the lower leg. Now I am on crutches for eight weeks.

morandi-coffe-maine-2009.jpg By nature I am a multi-tasker  But navigating on crutches has taught me I have to slow down and be a uni-tasker. I cannot carry things when I walk, so I draw what is in front of me. I can't put any weight on my right foot, so for the moment, I have let go of clay work. My drawing keeps my mind engaged with what I see in the use of pots and what I dream of making when I get back to the studio.


"I'm a painter," says the sculptor June Leaf, "but sculpture is my anatomy lesson."



I'm so sorry to hear about your "run in"! I am finally recovered from 2 weeks of tooth/jaw trouble. I was reminded how fragile we really are. When one thing goes wrong or is out of balance the rest will follow. But the other part of this equation is the miracle of recovery. I wish you a speedy healing and look forward to the art you will make during this time. I hope you aren't in any pain.

BTW, I also like your use of the library stamp documenting your collage.

Hello to WF, too.

Catherine -- how horrible to break your 'tibia.' Poor thing - this is a hard time of year to slow down. Your drawings are wonderful so hopefully you can find some 'zen-joy' in the quiet wonder of your dreaming.

wow tough times being that restricted hope you heal quickly...just wondering about these pics is it all collage or is some directly drawn into your journal?? cheers ang

The layer that appears on the top of the image is generally the actual page in the notebook. the rest of the layers are painted/printed or drawn and cut and

I did the same thing years ago. Humblingly painful. Sending healing and bone-knitting thoughts your way!

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